I’m 27 years old and my skin has already started to get wrinkly. Please suggest me something for premature skin aging.

I hope you are applying a good quality sunblock on regular basis. If not then better start now without further ado. Keep your skin well-moisturised. For that, you can use hyaluronic acid and ceramide containing moisturisers. You can also start collagen menu drinks for skin, hair and nails. You will find a visible difference in four to eight weeks. Add a retinol based night cream. You can give a try to Filorga Sleep and Peel.

I want to get rid of my freckles. What are my options for permanent freckle removal or is there a way I can lighten them as they are really dark?

Sunblock is must for you. If you will skip it you will have a lot more very soon. Now for the existing freckles try Skinoren Cream in a pea sized amount only on affected areas. If nothing works well then we will recommend you some procedures like Q-switched Nd Yag laser or chemical peels.

Is there any treatment available to get rid of birthmarks? If yes, I have one very close to my eye, so can the treatment be risky for my eyes?

Yes, there are multiple treatment options available. We can recommend you a suitable treatment option after having a look.

I have really dark underarms. I’ve tried using all sorts of dermatologically tested creams and even the desi totkas haven’t really worked. What other options do I have?

There are several other treatment options which are more effective.

I have small bumps just below my belly button. They don’t itch or hurt. I keep the area clean and moisturised too. But I still can’t seem to get rid of them. Help!

I would need some more details to establish a diagnosis. You haven't mentioned any details like size, colour, etc. You must go and see a dermatologist for the diagnosis and treatment.