Fatima Sohail claims Mohsin Haider and Nazish Jahangir were taken into custody


Last year, singer-turned-actor, Mohsin Abbas Haider was accused of domestic violence against his wife. Emerging actress Nazish Jahangir was also dragged into the turmoil between the couple and was accused of having an affair with Haider. Recently, Sohail posted a news clip to her Instagram which revealed that Haider and Jahangir have been taken into custody. She wrote, “Finally after a long legal battle against the injustice to me and my son FIA has found Mohsin and model Nazish guilty of the crime, fake videos and fake posts against me being circulating and harassing me on social media. I kept quiet for a long time as the case is being processed in court and today FIA interrogated regarding the matter, I am hopeful to get justice very soon, I request you all to remember me in your prayers. And they were arrested from their apartment in Karachi.” Haider denied all such rumours and called this news a fake, “Purani adat hai un logon ki fake news phailana, Allah Daikh raha hai. Ignore.” Haider also stated this as a publicity stunt by Sohail and said, “She did all this just to get a lil fame…”