This traveller explored all the historic landmarks on Pakistani currency notes


Travel enthusiast and a Cloud Solution Architect Emaad Paracha traveled across Pakistan taking mesmerising photos like any other travel geek. But what took our attention was that the traveller made sure to explore all the famous landmarks printed on Pakistani notes. Now, that’s interesting! Talking to a publication, Emaad revealed the initial idea while coming up with his Currency Project, "It all started in 2015 when I went on a family trip to Mohenjodaro. I had always noticed it at the back of our 20 rupee note. So when I got there, I asked the guide where the picture was originally taken." He added, "I clicked a picture with an older crumpled note not thinking much of it then, but to my surprise, it was received well on social media. I thought to myself, why not make this an excuse to travel around Pakistan, take more of these pictures, and learn more about our history?" With this idea in mind, Paracha explored rest of the historic locations over the course of four years.