Ethereal dreams

It's time to bid adieu to statement prints and neon colours, the fashion sphere is now going back to basics

Has style been whitewashed? What explains fashion’s current obsession with putting on a white outfit, throwing on a white blazer, adding an ivory belt, stepping into cream sneakers or heels and finishing it off with, white or gold accessories? Not since the Stormtroopers were deployed in Star Wars in 1977 have we seen a legion of white-clad followers this large and loyal.

On fashionable stretches, where navy and beige used to dominate, street style now overwhelmingly includes sumptuous layers of cream and ivory. On Instagram, #WhiteOnWhite is a byword for chic monochromatic ensembles that range from floaty and bohemian to structured and formal. It’s on the red carpet, as celebrities find ways to carry off dramatic white gowns even with no plans to elope later.

Think of white-on-white not as the colour of the year but the mood of the time. If the 1980s were bathed in electric blues and pinks, and goth girls of the 2000s favoured all-black, we seem to overwhelmingly prefer a blank palette as the decade changes.

Pakistanis have a mixed relationship with white. It’s largely been the colour of mourning for some. But that has been changed with time. Now, white sarees and shalwar-kameez stands out as compared to multi-hued dresses. It didn’t take long for women to give up tradition for trendiness.

Since we’ve mentioned sarees, a hyping saree drape trend that has gained a lot of popularity in the fashion industry is the pant style saree drape. The pant style saree drape is super easy to wear, looks comfortable and functional as well. Ditch your petticoat and replace it with a pant and drape your saree around it. The modish look of pant style drape makes it the perfect choice for the cocktail hour soiree. Not to mention our love for white lace work. If you’re looking for a lovely white outfit that appears chic without being overly girly, then an all-white lace outfit is what you need. Seriously stylish and sophisticated, a white lace look is ladylike and ideal for dressy occasions. To nail the look, choose an outfit in any shade of white. Then complete your look with white accessories or, if you want a bolder appearance, try adding gold accents and accessories.

• Hair & makeup: Imran Aslam
• Designer: Tabassum Mughal
• Coordination: Umer Mushtaq
• Photography and Styling: Sheheryar Adil
• Model: Erica Robin