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15 hours and counting on the set #MUSHK! It’s the last day of shooting for us on this project. Also, took this picture because I am totally feeling the light in the vanity van!

Asim Jofa

Every year the rain shows us that Karachi needs better infrastructure planning. Even hospitals such as Agha Khan are suffering badly. God help us all! #KarachiRain

Osman Khalid Butt

First episode of Lovecraft Country is a chilling blend of love, craft, and lore and real-world horror. Hooked! Also, #todayIlearned that H.P.L. was a white supremacist.

Sabeeka Imam

About to head off to my first day at work after five months due to my personal decision to avoid Covid-19 as much as possible! But now that I'm almost broke I have to go back to work lol! Wish me luck guys!

Nabeel Qureshi

Just got to know that Capri cinema is back in business, it had done three successful shows following all the SOPs, it's great to know that despite of corona people are willing to go-to cinemas and enjoy watching movies! Wishing luck and fortune to all the cinemas opening up next!