Fifth Pakistani batsman to score 6000 runs is none other than Azhar Ali. Congrats @AzharAli_ all the best team Pakistan. @TheRealPCB #azharali

Bilal Ashraf is all praises for the very talented Azhar Ali who became the first Pakistani batsman to score 6000 runs. Congratulations to the player for achieving this milestone!

An absolutely heartbreaking state of affairs! #Karachi needs immediate attention followed by urgent corrective action. The situation resulting from the absolute apathy of those in positions, power must change. Enough of all the tall claims - time to walk the talk.

Iqra Aziz raised her voice regarding the current haphazard situation in Karachi resulted due to the heavy downpour. The city is in its worst state possible, immediate reforms are needed to save the city and the people who are suffering the most.

I met SP Rashid Hidayat of the Dolphin Police Force in Lahore. A true gentleman, committed to his job and the challenging tasks these guys face every day, meeting him reminded me of the fact that these people risk their lives for us and we need to get them more respect and love.

Feroz Khan acknowledged the hardships faced by the police personnel and the efforts they put in for the safety of citizens after meeting a dedicated police officer from the Dolphin force.