Is it safe to give my nine month old the same foods I am eating? My mom says I should, but I'm worried about allergies.

Your nine months old infant can eat what you're eating but in pureed or soft diet-form. Although, breastmilk is best for your baby.

Obesity and diabetes are in my home. What foods can help?

A healthy balanced diet and an active lifestyle. Trust me, genes do play a role in this but it's mostly our lifestyle that leads to obesity.

All these powdered chocolate milks like Ovaltine, Horlicks etc, are they actually good for kids?

No, they're not. They have added sugars, preservatives and flavours which are bad for your child's brain and overall health.

I have a sweet tooth. I like to eat candy bars and desserts. How do I know how much is too much and how much is okay?

Try to avoid them at all costs and have homemade candy and protein bars.

I was recently told to lose weight, but I struggle with salt and pastas. I need to understand what choices I can make that are better and geared towards being able to eat things I like and still be able to enjoy my food.

Pastas are carbs basically, so you can add them in your carbohydrate portion in your diet.