Shehzad Roy’s NGO launches Tiflatoon: Urdu Kahaniyaan for children


In Pakistan and many other communities, native languages are dying at an alarmingly quick rate. The long-term effects of colonisation and assimilation have ridden many such communities of their native tongue, and unfortunately socioeconomic circumstances today have not made the task of resurrecting such languages any easier. While the benefits of learning a new language in terms of intellectual development are clearly existing and important, however, what is significant is the personal and communal benefits of learning your native language. In communities where the culture and native language is endangered, teaching children, who are often more apt at picking up languages, will help protect and restore dying languages. For this purpose, Shehzad Roy’s NGO, Zindagi Trust, took an initiative known as Tiflatoon, a YouTube channel that produces content for children in Urdu and brings to life the stories inspired by our culture.