Urwa Hocane faces backlash over her tweets on Karachi rain

The Karachi rainfalls which reached catastrophic levels last week left everyone in a state of shock and devastation. With media sharing harrowing images of the city engulfed in water and the loss of life and property, celebrities also started to speak out about the crisis. But Urwa Hocane was one celebrity who got trolled over her tweets on Karachi rain. The Udaari actress asked people to stop blaming the government and take part in keeping their neighbourhood clean. “No doubt the government didn’t care about the city but did we! Time to stop complaining and do something on our own and fix at least our own colony issues in Karachi! We can’t even stop throwing the garbage everywhere we like. Gov doesn’t have a magic wand!” she said. “It’s the people who have to work hand in hand with the gov! How many of you can come up with a solution. Why don’t we start somewhere. Sab kuch government ka kaam nahi hota. Khud bhi kuch sochein, haath pey haath rakh k baithnay k ilawa!” she continued. Soon after her tweets, people started trolling Hocane over her opinion. One user wrote, “Paying excessive amounts of taxes yet facing power shortages, no water, no gas, terrible infrastructure should be enough suffering for the people who get their hopes up each time a lying politician comes to steal votes, and then forgets Karachi’s existence. Please educate yourself.” While another one wrote, “This is such a one sided, un-nuanced argument to make. Yes, we should be better but an un-functioning drainage system is not for the people to fix. An entire city is drowning and not one person in power did anything to stop it despite warning well in advance.” Although, we don’t totally disagree with Urwa but the Hocane sisters have a way of falling prey to trolling even if they are not entirely wrong.