Of all the jobs in the fashion industry, modeling probably takes the cake for being one of the most draining – emotionally, physically, and psychologically. It's not just about putting on a pair of heels and doing a quick saunter across the catwalk. It's about working shifts as long as surgeons, destroying your feet in impossible shoes, and being scrutinised for every square inch of your body, all while attempting to look as though you've got it more together than the rest of us plebes. It is hard work, and those who manage to make it through a day, much less a full month of shows, deserve our awe. One such model is Raahima Ali who deserves all our admiration. You may recognise the up-and-coming model from the runways, or else from the numerous high fashion campaigns of luxury brands like Zellbury, Khaadi, The Pink Tree Company, and many more but there's so much more to her than the gloss and the glamour. Here, MAG gets up close and personal with the model during a quick and fun rapid fire. Excerpts:

If your life was a movie, what genre would it be?


One thing you can eat any time of the day?


Favourite cartoon character of all time?

My friend Momina, I bet I haven’t seen a bigger cartoon. [Laughs]

An actor you would want to swap lives with?

None, happy and grateful for mine.

If you were to run away and start fresh, where would you go?

I think somewhere in Italy or Greece, by the sea.

Best and worst purchase you have ever made?

Honestly I’m a very reckless buyer, I buy things and forget about them.

Favourite book of all time?

Die For Me Series.

One ridiculous thing you grew up believing as a child?

That I’ll always get my way by crying.

If you could pick your own nickname, what would it be?


What would a day with yourself look like?

Either a day at the beach or by the mountains with lots and lots of food.

How do you take your coffee?


Home is....

Where the family is.

An irrational fear/ phobia you have?

Astraphobia, thunder and lightning legit shake the life out of me.