Haseena Moin’s historic drama Ankahi gets adapted for stage

Classic TV hit, Ankahi is about to come to stage and this time around, it isn’t inspired by a play written by Anwar Maqsood. Instead, the original writer, the legendary writer Haseena Moin is going to take the spotlight. Bringing one of her best hits to stage will be theatrical group Kopykats Productions. The theatre adapdtation of the drama is directed by Dawar Mehmood. “We are giving tribute to writer Haseena Moin’s drama Ankahi for stage. You could consider it an Ankahi 2.0.” He further added, “This drama is inspired by the original drama but it is different in many ways. Theatre requires certain kinds of punch lines and scenes and we’ve added them in, while making sure that we still depict the essence of middle-class urban life. No fan of the original Ankahi will be disappointed – but newcomers who haven’t seen the earlier drama will also enjoy it.” The cast finalised for the play includes actress Amna Ilyas as ‘Sana’, the pivotal character played by Shahnaz Sheikh in the original drama. Other actors are just about to be announced. The play is all set to be staged in October 2020.