Hamza Ali Abbasi is finally making a comeback to showbiz


The careers of celebrities can be tumultuous. Some stars leave the industry of their own accord, others disappear after worrying public incidents, and some fade after scandals. When that happens, returning to the spotlight isn't always easy. Some never do. But that doesn't mean it's not possible. And then there are those who call it quits to follow the spiritual path. Pakistani entertainment industry has seen many stars that left showbiz to follow Islam, Feroze Khan being the most recent one. But there have been hardly any celebrities who made a comeback after quitting for religious purposes. Recently, Hamza Ali Abbasi during an online game show of a channel announced that he never left the industry entirely. He clarified that he only decided to take a long break from showbiz to promote Islamic teachings. During the chat, the Pyaray Afzal actor hinted towards his return in the showbiz. We’re excited about his return on our screen, are you?