Muneeb Butt and Saifee Hasan short film Paying Guest is all set to stream


There are many who can’t set aside 90 to 120 minutes a day to watch a movie. They are preoccupied and have a variety of tasks to bother for the time. Well, short movies are a perfect resolution for such people. And one such short movie for all the movie buffs is the recently released See Prime short film, Paying Guest. The movie stars Muneeb Butt, Saifee Hasan and Noreen Gulwani in significant roles. The spine-chilling spooky tale talks about the encounter of a young woman with a visitor in this short film. Set in a house, the story explores how an inquisitive young man who loiters into a house, out of curiosity meets an attractive young woman. Amidst the encounter with the lady, the young man senses a sinister nuance and is further prompted to get to the bottom of the suspense. The film is directed and written by Awais Sulaman and is co-produced by Mahib Bukhari and Ali Hussain.