My dad was a habitual drinker. He consumed a hefty amount of alcohol every day. Now he’s on the road to recovery. I would like to know the role of diet in recovery from alcohol addiction and what’s the best diet for newly sober alcoholics?

Raw fruits and vegetables and their juices are of great help in withdrawal of alcohol addiction. Find new and inventive ways for incorporating healthy food in his diet.

I've heard mixed opinion about eating rice and rotis. Some people say that rice helps in weight loss while others say that I should only be eating roti during my diet. What’s your opinion on that?

Nothing can make you gain or lose. If you need to lose weight then the basic rule for that is to eat in calorie deficit. If you're in a deficit then you will lose weight. Doesn't matter if you're eating roti or rice.

My daughter is 12, has autism and is overweight. How can I get her on the right path to foods that are good for her versus the fast food her grandparents feed her? My daughter is willing to change. We just need to know how to start.

Try different recipes. Look for what she loves to eat. Incorporate variety of foods in her diet. Help her to notice how her body reacts to different foods. Go for a walk with her daily.

My eight year old won’t eat vegetables. He won't eat if he sees any type of vegetables in what I cook. There are times that he would literally cry. What can I do to help my son with eating vegetables?

That's fine. It's okay if he doesn't like vegetables. He can have fruits instead. Or you can look for new and interesting ways of cooking vegetables or pairing them up with his favourite foods.

Is Pediasure a supplement or can a kid have that instead of breakfast? My son who is two and a half does not eat that much and likes Pediasure. Please let me know.

It's better not to give your child any supplement as a meal. Real food is always better than the supplements.