Hello, I am 23 years old and I have blackheads all over my face especially in the t zone area. I have tried everything including nosestrips, scrubs but it comes back quickly and in large amounts. I am so worried, please suggest some cream and what do you recommend for it.

Hi, please try to get hydrafacials and chemical peels regularly, it’s going to help you with the blackheads and will also keep your skin smooth, shinny and dullness free. It’s also advised to visit a dermatologist. We will also prescribe you something for home use according to your skin. That will further address to your problem but keeping new blackheads away. The best part is, you will also get a free consultation with the procedure at The Skin Clin.

I have a really bad sunburn. I have a wedding coming up next week. Can you please suggest a quick and effective way to heal my sunburn fast?

Apply a good sunblock and a good moisturiser along with some cream containing zinc, which fastens up the healing process. Sunburn is usually dealt as a regular burn. It's advised to visit a dermatologist on priority basis as there might be a need to add some mild to moderate potency steroids to your prescription for a quick fix or if you really need them. Sometimes sunburn leaves a pigmented patch and sometimes excessive sun exposure may also trigger melasma. So, a good quality sunblock having a broad spectrum coverage, having SPF 50 or more will be helpful. Apart from that, you can also try using aloe Vera gel.

What’s the best product to wash my face with, soap or face wash? I have a combination skin, not too oily not too dry, which is also acne prone. Also, which soap or face wash would you recommend?

Most of the soaps have a basic pH whereas the optimal pH value of our skin on most of our face and body lies between 4.7 and 5.75 which is acidic. Therefore, face washes are recommended specifically those which are designed to maintain the pH of your skin near to its normal. For that purpose, I would recommend you Sebamed Face and Body Wash. You can also use Acnes Creamy Face Wash by Atco Laboratories which is also great for acne prone skin.

I need to know if applying makeup has anything to do with my acne. I wear makeup every day but I do remove it thoroughly after coming home in the evening. I keep my makeup tools clean too. My previous dermatologist strictly told me not to use too much makeup but I love applying makeup. Please, help!

Yes, your dermatologist is right. Anything which has a tendency to clog your pores will give you a breakout. Thick and creamy foundation bases are one of those. One thing that is commendable in your case, that you are removing your make-up regularly and properly. Sleeping with your makeup on is another beauty crime and most people don't even know about it. I would also advise you to incorporate an astringent and a tonner to your skincare regime. Apart from cleaning makeup tools, it's very important to change them regularly as per need. You also need to clean your cellphone’s screen with alcohol pads.