What are the benefits of having my teeth professionally cleaned?

Professional teeth cleaning by a dentist or registered dental hygenist (RDH) is a procedure that removes tartar (mineralised plaque) that may develop even with careful brushing and flossing, especially in areas that are difficult to reach in routine toothbrushing. This involves the use of various instruments or devices to loosen and remove deposits from the teeth. Good oral hygiene helps to prevent cavities, tartar build-up, and gum disease.

How often should I have my teeth examined?

Often, a dentist will do an examination every six months at your regular cleaning. X-rays are usually recommended every one to two years. A comprehensive exam including full gum measurement is recommended every three years.

Do I need a root canal treatment? What are the alternatives?

You may require a root canal treatment if the pulp of your tooth has become infected due to excessive tooth decay or injury. Leaving a tooth with infected root pulp untreated can lead to a spread of the infection into the jaw and surrounding tissues. The only alternative to root canal treatment is the extraction of the affected tooth. Antibiotics can temporarily keep infection from spreading to surrounding tissues, but will not eliminate the source of the infection, which is the infected pulp tissue inside the canal. If you choose extraction, the extracted tooth can be replaced with a bridge, denture or implant. Extracting a tooth and not replacing it may lead to other serious issues if your teeth shift over time to fill the gap.