Award-winning short film, Nanu Aur Main, is all set to stream on YouTube

Cinema has the power to connect with our emotions and leave us entertained. Mainstream films developed by major studios are the most popular form of entertainment recognised by general audiences. However, short films created by independent filmmakers can have an equally influential impact. Even though short films might not have as wide of a theatrical release or limitless budget, they are still slowly becoming a bigger deal than movies themselves. Award-winning short film, Nanu Aur Main, is a successful addition to the short feature’s family and is all set to stream on See Prime’s YouTube channel. The film stars veteran actor Qavi Khan and talented young starlet Saboor Aly. The film features Erum (Saboor Aly) raised by her grandfather (Qavi Khan) after her parent’s death. The two live happily together until it is time for Erum to pursue studies abroad, and they bid farewell with the promise to keep in touch through letters. Though, Erum gets caught up in her new life until one day she receives a letter from Nanu, forcing her to realise that it’s time to return home. The film has been very well-received worldwide ever since its release. The short feature has won at the Seventh Bangalore Shorts Film Festival 2018, and has been screened at multiple international film festivals.