Cauliflower Soup with Garlic Croutons

  • 12 Dec - 18 Dec, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Cookery


· 2 tablespoons olive oil

· 1 onion

· 1 cauliflower

· 2 garlic cloves

· 500 ml chicken stock

· 1 slice of crusty bread

· 2 tablespoons double cream

· A bunch of parsley


Heat a tablespoon of oil in a saucepan over medium heat. Add the onion along with a pinch of salt. Cook until soft, and then tip in the cauliflower and half the garlic. Give a good stir and pour in the stock. Cook until the cauliflower is tender. Toast the bread, and then cut into crouton-sized pieces. Heat remaining oil in a frying pan, tip in the bread and remaining garlic and cook for a minute. Set aside. Using a stick blender, blitz the soup with the double cream and season to taste. Divide between bowls. Mix parsley with the croutons, and top generously.