I want to know about face shaving. I have seen these face shavers by the name of Tinkle everywhere and many girls have recommended me to try it. What’s your opinion on female face shaving?

There is no harm in face shaving. Many of my patients are doing it regularly. I wouldn't recommend that if you have very thick and dark hair. In that case, it gives a greenish hue on the skin if you shave. I'm coming across many girls at my clinic with the same problem. Such patients are ideal candidates for laser hair removal and they get a very satisfactory result.

Hi, my skin around my lips gets super flaky and dry during winters. I keep it moisturised with thick creams and Vaseline too at times. But it still burns every time I open my mouth wide to eat food. Please help!

Seems like your skin is super dry. The other reason is you might be having some underlying nutritional deficiencies as well. I would recommend you to start some OTC multivitamin for skin, hair and nails. Use sunblock religiously and moisturise frequently. Increase your water intake as well. This may happen as a result of contact dermatitis with toothpaste as well. Please make sure there is no spill of toothpaste on your face while you brush your teeth.

I have cracks at the corner of my mouth and one side has bled. It's been going on for about a week. I don’t know what it is but it hurts at times. Please help!

This is called angular cheilitis which may occur due to some underlying vitamin deficiencies. Please start some vitamins including B-complex and zinc. You can try using generous amount of Vaseline on your lips to avoid fissuring.

I need to know what products I should be using during the colder months. Every morning my skin feels super dry and it feels like it is stretching and once I apply moisturiser, it gets as oily as it normally is during the hotter months.

In such conditions, HA serums will be helpful. You can use DefyDerm Hydrating Serum. It is water based, it’s super hydrating and non comedogenic. Hopefully, you will like it. •