Don’t Listen

  • 12 Dec - 18 Dec, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

Don’t Listen – called Voices in Spanish – is a horror film now streaming on Netflix. Daniel (Rodolfo Sancho) and Sara (Belén Fabra) make a living flipping houses. When they move into their latest project, things don’t seem to be that different, but their eight-year-old son Eric (Lucas Blas) begins hearing voices and struggling to sleep. They enlist the help of a psychologist, who tells them the inconsistency in Eric’s life is likely to blame for his trouble sleeping, but she doesn’t seem to have an explanation for the voices he claims to be hearing. While driving away from the house, the psychologist meets a gruesome and untimely demise, which is only the beginning of the nightmare that is about to swallow everyone who dares step foot in this house. After a series of strange occurrences in the middle of the night and terrifying encounters for poor Eric – an unspeakable tragedy befalls the family. Voices torment them through radios and phone messages. Daniel, desperate for answers and troubled about where to turn, seeks the help of paranormal expert Germán (Ramón Barea) to get to the bottom of what is happening to him and his family. With the help of Germán’s daughter Ruth (Ana Fernández), the group puts skepticism aside and tries to solve the terrifying mystery of this home and the malevolent spirit inside it before it is too late. Even when it’s utilising clichéd tropes and story beats, Don’t Listen manages to remain fully engaging and suspenseful, a film able to hook you and hold on until the very last shot.