Alien Worlds

  • 12 Dec - 18 Dec, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

Alien Worlds tries to imagine what life would be like on exoplanets, Earth-like planets that exist outside our solar system, some of them trillions of miles away. The directors of this four-part series aim to apply what we know about life on Earth and create CGI representations of life on these exoplanets. Examples of real-life principles of science and nature are interspersed with these otherworldly CGI scenes to show how these principles are applied to examining these fictional life forms. We’re also introduced to the idea of an exoplanet, and talks to Didier Queloz, the astrophysicist who found the first exoplanet in the 1990s. The first episode conceives of a planet called Atlas, with an atmosphere twice as dense as what Earth has, where gravity is twice as strong. We see a creature called “sky grazers,” with six wings. Dive-bombing insects are their main predators; their behavior mimics the predatory actions of falcons here on Earth. Then we see baby sky grazers learning to fly while being chased and consumed by a rolling, spineless creature – that they’d survive an asteroid strike. The execution ended up being so jarring, at least in the first episode that it was very frustrated than anything else.

– Compilation