7-year-old girl orders chicken fillet on FoodPanda, 42 riders deliver same order after app glitches

  • 12 Dec - 18 Dec, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
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A seven-year-old girl in Cebu City, Philippines got the surprise of her life when a whopping 42 FoodPanda delivery riders sent the exact same order of chicken fillets to her house when she only ordered one. As reported by Sunstar, the narrow street of Barangay Mabolo was full of FoodPanda delivery riders as a glitch on the FoodPanda app caused the girl to book 42 separate orders of the same meal. The girl was at home with her grandmother when the incident happened. Her parents were at work and they left her a smartphone so that she can order food online for herself and her grandmother to eat. Due to the slow internet connection during her purchase, she tapped the order menu repeatedly when the app got stuck and it caused a glitch whereby 42 orders were sent instead of just one. It became quite a commotion when all the riders arrived almost exactly at the same time to the narrow street. Following the overwhelming amount of riders that came delivering to her doorstep, the girl got scared and broke down into tears. This was because her parents only left her enough money for one box of chicken fillet. Thankfully, her neighbours came to the rescue by buying boxes of the chicken fillet for themselves and paid directly to the delivery riders. However, not all chicken fillet boxes were bought and some FoodPanda riders went back to the restaurant with the order.