Hajra Yamin and Fahad Sheikh star together in a story of love and letting go

Short of the week

What is love? It's definitely not dosti like we've been lead to believe by the biggest films. It is much more complex. Difficult to define, impossible to quantify, you know about it only when you feel it. Maybe that's why we make so many movies about it, to understand it better? Yet another short film about love and letting go is the recently released Hajra Yamin, Fahad Sheikh and Faizan Sheikh starrer Nam Kya Rakha? The story revolves around Shayan, the lead protagonist in the story, who is a cricket fanatic that ends up on a hospital bed due to a car accident, unaware of what waits for him. There he meets up the only woman he has ever loved. The story discloses how healing the touch of love is that can happen in unlikely places at unlikely times. Nam Kya Rakha? is a sentimental story that touches one’s soul and makes one realise that the secret to happiness begins with letting go.