Rubya Chaudhry breaks the stigma around divorce like never before

Happily divorced

In a country where marriage is often considered sacred and even quintessential for a woman, and divorce gets looked at as a sign of failure, Pakistani model and actress Rubya Chaudhry went against the tide and shattered the common perception of disgrace around divorces and separations. Divorces are riddled with stigma in Pakistan. But women are challenging that perception now and pushing for a change. Take Rubya, for instance. She recently took to her social media and opened up about her divorce to musician Meekal Hasan and in a long post about stigmatisation of divorce wrote that, “I got married a few years ago, and then got divorced super quickly after.” “I’d also like to add that divorce doesn’t always mean sadness and death and hayay hayay yeh kya hogya! Hayayyy bachi ki zindagi tabaaah ho gai! It could also mean bachi ki zindagi tabaah honay say BACH gayee. It also means a second chance at love, at life, at all the wonderfully amazing chapters that may have never actualised had you chosen the dead end as your destiny. Choose to thrive. Choose divorce if it ain’t your scene and stop worrying about all the ill-mannered and crass people around,” she continued.