The year 2021 will be more about realism and a logical approach to life. 2021 is adding up to number five, which represents Mercury. It will come with its upheavals, but it will be more about energy wave communication and connecting people through technology. With some major planetary conjunctions happening this year, it also indicates disruption in agricultural land and weather.

When we talk about Pakistan, this year will mark significant changes in the general public's thought process; people will be saving more and will go towards spirituality. The government will show less diplomacy and will keep the country's needs first. There will be a sudden shift in people's perspectives related to their careers. We will see more businesses coming up mainly related to technology, teaching, online media platforms, pharmacy, insurance, and the steel industry. The travel industry will bounce back by the end of the first quarter. Debt will decrease, but there will be cutthroat competition in the market, and there is an indication of financial fraud on a higher level.

The covid-19 situation will come towards its end by the end of the year. February will be an important month due to the super Stellium happening in the house of public image and government. There could be a stand off by the public on an important issue. It will not be a comfortable year; however, it will definitely be a road to astounding discoveries for the world.


1st Quarter of 2021
January – March 2021

The first quarter of the year 2021 will start with Mercurial energy where the world can experience the outburst of people from all over the world as Jupiter and Saturn's colossal conjunction will be transiting the sign of Capricorn the entire year. There is a possibility of a top government secret coming out. This also indicates sudden authoritative changes in the world that also include Pakistan. There is an indication of disruption in survival needs.

It will be a vital year for Pakistan's economy; the steel industry should be given prime importance to gain back its place in the Pakistani market. In February, a big Stellium will be formed in the 10th house of Pakistan's astrological chart and a Mercury Retrograde, significantly impacting law and order and foreign trade. With Mars being the ruling planet of Pakistan's chart, people's immunity will keep getting better. Those planning to invest in speculative business should avoid doing so. Change is inevitable; therefore, people might resist the changes, especially related to the vaccines at the start of 2021.

2nd Quarter of 2021
April – June

In the second quarter of 2021, the situation related to Covid-19 might loosen up due to the completion of one year of True Nodes transiting through the axis of second and the third house of Pakistan’s astrological chart, which indicates better trade and Pakistani currency will start gaining back its importance. People's purchasing power will increase; however, the public will be more inclined to pay away their debts first. The stock exchange will get better. This is a year that represents Mercury related to communication and technology; thus, younger people will be inclined towards technology. It will also be the best time for medicine.

This quarter of 2021 also indicates that travel and tourism would start picking up the speed but with precautions. 2021’s fiscal budget will bring upheaval if not handle wisely on our economy as the second spell of Mercury Retrograde will be going on in June. We will build society again with momentous changes which creates new opportunities for everyone.

3rd QUARTER OF 2021

Now, entering the third quarter of 2021 will bring some positive changes in the field of media and technology. The online platform will be creating a significant stir in the market as people will be shifting from mainstreams to these platforms. The fashion and film industry can go through a rough patch; thinking out of the box can save businesses this year.

Educational changes will be made; people might prefer homeschooling more seriously. The field of teaching and technology will become enormous, earning professions. In the light of astrology, there is a strong possibility of passing groundbreaking legislation that can create a sudden change in Pakistani society. The second half will be more favourable for Pakistani cricket.

As the celestial changes take place further, it can bring out a big financial scam in front of the public during this quarter. From the astrological point of view, the gold price will not go higher in the year 2021; therefore, people can invest in that.

4th QUARTER OF 2021

We are now coming towards the end of 2021; in the fourth quarter, Pakistan's situation could be challenging, and we will look for stability in our economy and politics. With Jupiter transiting in Aquarius at the end of November, people need to watch their online activities. As it can come under great scrutiny from this day onwards, people can be questioned and get dealt with it accordingly.

The second Lunar and Solar Eclipses will affect people's finance and material possessions, and family values, especially in Pakistan. Therefore, be careful while investing during this time of the year. It will instead be a good time for the government to reevaluate the year and seek security by planning for the country's future.

As Nodes will remain in the same position of Taurus and Scorpio, therefore, it will be a fantastic time for the researchers to work on energy and medicine to bring significant changes in this field. This year indicates a sudden wipeout of a particular market and will be replaced by something more advance.



New Year always brings new goals and enthralling opportunities, and for Aries, this year will be marked as one of the noteworthy years in terms of career. As Jupiter and Saturn are transiting through your 10th house of public image and profession, you will make significant choices in your career. Celestial positions in your second house can make you aggressive in your speech, notably with your family. Property gains are indicated, and financially you will be stable. However, be careful about the commitments; you might create a bond with someone, or someone from the past can arrive back in your life. Those who are married take care of their spouse’s health. Health-wise it will be a good year for you.


This year will bring many drastic changes and transformations in your life. Those who are planning to switch jobs will get good opportunities after the first quarter of the year. There is an indication of buying a new home or a vehicle; however, there will be a sudden increase in your expense. Monetarily you will be stable this year. It will be excellent for students; they will be more focused on pursuing their education. The Nodes transiting your first house can make you bellicose and easily agitated, and the first few months could be emotionally taxing with the family. A good year to plan a wedding, try not to ruin things because of trivial ego issues. Give a shot to your relationship with your father; things might turn into something positive. Indication of travel is evident this year.


This year you will be getting lots of support from your friends; as small goals can become challenging for you, they will be there to keep you up. With Jupiter and Saturn transiting through your eighth house of transformation, you will get various work options that can create confusion for some time. Nevertheless, try following a rational approach towards solving issues at the workplace. It’s a good time for savings as you will reap results in the future. With the Nodes transiting your sixth and 12th house, there could be a sudden increase in your joint assets. In your love life, try to tame your ego to maintain a good relationship. Seek help from someone close to get to went out those negative thoughts; there is a strong indication of addition in the family. Heath wise take care of your stomach and eyes related issues, and go for homemade organic food.


The year 2021 can be fantastic for entrepreneurs or those into business partnerships. Mars will be in your 10th house of profession, making you grow professionally. Saturn and Jupiter, in your seventh house of relationship, will make you strong both personally and professionally. Those planning to get married can tie a knot this year, and for the married ones, there can be an addition to the family. Parents are suggested not to be too restrictive with your children. Please do not fall into any temptation of any sort, as it can drain you financially. The students will develop an interest in learning foreign languages as well. There could be issues related to lower abdominal; therefore, a healthy diet and timely treatment will save energy and money.


This New Year will be a self-learning year and will have the ebb and flow on the way. The Nodes transiting through your fourth and eighth house, respectively; there will be issues related to family and inheritance. There could be a misunderstanding at the place of work, handle things sagaciously. Also, there could be a sudden development in your career in the second half of the year. Try to eliminate wasteful spending practices. When it comes to your love life, you might find someone this year. Those who are married, try to appreciate your partner and make travel plans to reignite your relationship. Students might have to work hard to achieve their educational goals this year. Diabetic patients should take extra care by changing lifestyle patterns.


Your first half of the year 2021 will be the luckiest as there will be great support from the family. There could be some celebration at home. A good year for sportspeople; they might get selected for important tournaments. Moneywise, avoid lending money to anyone this year. Long-term desire might come true, which will help you grow in your career. As the North and South Nodes are transiting your third and ninth house, be very cautious while signing any documents. This transit also indicates long-distance travel; hence applying for immigration will be good in the second quarter of the year. Students might feel lethargic. Take care while driving, as Mars will be transiting through the eighth house. Insomnia can hit you; therefore, take care of yourself not just physically but mentally too.


Begin this year with positive energy. This time you will be able to connect with people of different ages, and you will learn from them. Your confidence might shake in the second half of the year due to celestial position; however, you will be able to bounce back. Significant changes will take place, you need to focus and analyse the situation beforehand. Long-distance travel is indicated due to Saturn and Jupiter transit in your fourth house; it will take you away from your birthplace. Professionally, you will enhance your skills, which will boost your confidence at work and improve your relationship with the seniors. Married ones will face some issues in the first few months of the year. Those who plan to get hitched; prospects are looking much favourable in the second half of the year. It will be a fantastic year for students. Health might get affected negatively; do not ignore any sign of it.


The year 2021 will be of many changes, professional life could slightly be rough, and you will need to double your efforts. As the North and South Node transit your first and seventh house, understand the value of time and avoid procrastination. Learn to save more and invest in long-term investments. With Saturn and Jupiter in the third house, it will create good opportunities for writers, bloggers, and publishers. Maintain a good relationship with younger siblings. Long-term travel is indicated as North Node transits through your second house can take you away from the birthplace. There is an indication of a breakup if issues are not solved astutely. Students need to focus and avoid bad company as it can hinder your educational accomplishments. Health wise, you need to stay active to maintain adequate energy levels throughout the year.


This year it will be impossible to keep you down; wonderful opportunities will be coming your way and there will be financial abundance. There will be immense growth in career, increasing your travel this year; however, long-distance travel should be avoided. The North and South Nodes making axis in your second and eighth house of sudden incidents can be the source of accidents and injuries during travel. A super Stellium of planets can create issues with the authorities at work. From August onwards, issues related to family can make you restless. Monetarily, Saturn and Jupiter conjunction will help you save more this year, and gains through inheritance are pretty evident. If you plan to get married this year, it might get delayed. Health wise, an old illness can come back, so take care of your health.


As the year begins with Saturn and Jupiter's massive planetary conjunction in the first house, it will be great for those planning new business ventures. There is an indication of an increase in income through various channels. For those who are employed, there could be a promotion. Capricorns who are in a relationship need to express their thoughts on the situation. You will gain more respect from your spouse rather than keeping everything inside and be bitter about it. As Nodes are making an axis in your 11th and fifth house, you will be more concerned about your offspring; you might have to keep an eye on their activities. There could be travel-related expenditures. Students will do exceptionally well this year. When we talk about health, you need to take care of the upper body and skin-related issues.


It will be one of those years where you will get to be more self-aware of your needs and make advancement according to that as Saturn, and Jupiter's great conjunction is taking place in your 12th house. The North Node in your fourth house will make you travel away from home. Do not involve outsiders in family issues, which will further complicate the matter. You have to shed your ego aside to maintain a good relationship. In professional life, things can get a bit complicated; there could be differences with the management, do not leave the job until you have a better option. Planetary positions creating an unstable financial situation; therefore, avoid making any investment. However, you might be able to pay off your debts. This year will be suitable for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Prioritise your mental health.


You will steal the show this year with this colossal conjunction happening in your 11th house, where Saturn and Jupiter will be making an impact on your social life. You will be working hard to achieve your goals. In the family, a celebration is indicated. You will be appreciated at the workplace on the professional front, but travel related to work might not be that successful. Investing in immovable assets will be more favourable. Those who have invested in the stock exchange and other speculative business will get good gains. Students with Pisces rising sign will do fantastic this year and might score well in a competitive exam. Health wise first half of the year is crucial; therefore, try taking care of your health. Those with an old chronic illness will hopefully recover this year.