Zarnish Khan - Rising with Monumental Star Power

She’s audacious, talented and flaunts her authentic self. And it is absolutely a delight to see Zarnish Khan conquering the screen whenever she appears on it. She is one the finest talents we have from the current lot of actors and there’s no doubting on the fact. She has garnered critical acclaims for almost every dramatis personae she’s ever played which just goes to prove the incredible talent that she possess. We've seen a substantial change in the choice of her dramas since she entered the world of entertainment. The actress has opted for socially relevant and headstrong characters and her picks have definitely paid off. Debuting into the industry with Susraal Mera in 2015, she had the spark to grab the entire spotlight even in her first acting gig that there was no looking back for her since then, for which she also received the award for Best Soap Actress.

Fighting the patriarchy with her powerful roles on screen, Khan believes in impersonating the characters that are strong and opinionated. The stark contrast between her on-screen and off-screen personalities makes her more real than most of the actors who try to be ‘politically correct’ to avoid any disagreements. Despite of being in the entertainment business for years now, she is refreshingly real which makes her to be poles apart from her contemporaries. Whether it’s Zainab from Laaj, Maliha from Mohabbat Ab Nahi Hogi, Lalarukh from Sun Yaara, Ushna from Aik Mohabbat Kaafi Hai, Bisma from Jo Tu Chahay, Donia from Ishq Zahe Naseeb or Humaira in Yeh Dil Mera, the actor likes to experiment and pick up characters that have much more element to them rather than only playing a stereotypical bechaari in the dramas that are being made every now and then. Also, not caring much about the screen time, the actor just wants to make her mark in the industry by opting for roles which are diverse enough and give her a margin to perform.

Her rise to fame is nothing short of phenomenal. Her growth as an actor speaks volumes of her undeniable talent and dynamic screen presence. What added to her persona was her frank and candid personality, a rarity in today’s PR manufactured world. With having great dramatic and enacting skills, Khan is blessed with a mesmerising voice which is to die for.

Many successful performances at hand, she believes in voicing her opinions sensibly, because according to her, being a public figure with a prominent following has a lot more to do than acting. Khan is a family oriented girl who is very passionate about her craft. With having attributes of a business minded person, she likely would have been an entrepreneur if not an actor. Khan’s career has only grown from strength to strength, and her wardrobe has clearly not fallen behind either. We fall into the trap of following everything blindly, when it comes to fashion trends but Khan is clearly not someone who follows trends but she believes in setting up her own trends and carve her path in the show business which suits her well. Eastern wear or Western, she masters the art of acing her looks. Khan’s style evolution is something that's piqued our interest. She isn’t afraid to dissect her wardrobe and is a complete fashionista so to speak. This lively photoshoot is a proof; where Zarnish looked elegant in this beautiful tea pink ensemble. She complemented her look with a fine hairdo and just the right amount of contrasting makeup. You just need to learn the ropes on how to pair it right with complimenting jewellery pieces.

This red embroidered silhouette makes her come to life straight out of a fairytale. The way she carries herself with so much poise even in the Eastern attire makes her look timelessly stunning. She loves to be creative with her wardrobe, and add some elements of fun, no matter on screen or in real life where she just likes to be herself.  The last few years have stood witness to the star’s meteoric rise from ingenue to one of the best actors in industry, and much like her craft, Khan’s wardrobe has also evolved since she first appeared in the public eye.

• Coordination: Umer Mushtaq
• Hair and Makeup: Basit Ali
• Designer: Attire By Bushra Wahid
• Photography & Styling: Raza Jaffri