Keepin’ it minimal!

In theory, minimalism – the art of decorating with less – should be easy to pull off: neutral furnishings, a few pieces of art hung on the wall, a single vase on the table, and voilà, you’re done! Of course, the effortless look is not so straightforward to execute. A great degree of thought is involved in creating a livable minimalist space – one that feels warm and inviting rather than cold and clinical. Read on to learn how to master the minimalist look.

Bring a little bit of glamour to your minimally-decorated room by adding a shag area rug.

Wooden interior, such as this wooden coffee table, always goes well with the minimalist home decor look.

Incorporate different prints and colours in throw pillows for a subtle hint of colour.

Greenery makes for memorable moments in spaces with less, adding lush hues, unique textures, and a breath of fresh air. 

For art, choose one focal piece instead of a group of small ones so it becomes a focal point and not a cluttered distraction.

For a sleek tabletop, decorate candle holder centrepieces.

The first step to creating a minimal space is to have fewer things. So, take advantage of furnishings that pull double duty, like these rattan baskets.