Aesthetic bedroom decor

As one of the most personal spaces within a home, the bedroom needs to strike a balance between being tranquil and chic. It’s the place you go to escape from the rush of the day, recharge for the next, and dream about what’s to come, which is why it’s necessary for your room to be a direct reflection of your impeccable taste and style. But designing a bedroom to perfectly reflect your personality might seem like a tall order, but it’s not impossible. For reference, check out these inspiring ways to transform your bedroom into your very own happy place. 

Sitting pretty: Just because your bedroom is where you sleep doesn’t mean you can’t design it with your waking hours in mind. That said, create an all-day appeal with a signature settee.

Tapestry as a headboard: Bold in colour and pattern, a suzani wall hanging doubles as a headboard and blends in as a piece of art and also adds texture without overwhelming the space.

Creative storage: This vintage storage trunk will certainly steal the decor spotlight while also giving you much-needed space.

Let there be light Want to make your bedroom feel like a five-star hotel? Add a convenient and stylish reading light, like this cylinder table lamp.

Floral arrangements Whether they're on your nightstand, vanity, or windowsill, flower arrangements are a lovely thing to wake up to. 

Personalised nightstand: Yes, a nightstand with all the necessities looks lovely, but it can also be a way to showcase your personality.