Bloom, Baby, Bloom

As the weather warms, most people turn their attention to landscaping their yards or gardens (an admirable ambition, no doubt!). However, as any design-lover knows, this is also the perfect time to open the windows, clean out clutter and give your indoor spaces a makeover as well. Below are ways you can spruce your home this spring.

Invest in quirky light fixtures

A great light fixture makes a striking visual impact that's both playful and sophisticated.

Reframe your art

If your art collection doesn't thrill you as it once did, refresh your pieces without letting them go. Display them using all gold – or silver or whatever – frames for an update that instantly change the mood of the room.

Up the green power of your home

Plants inside your home can have plenty of health benefits, but they also just make any space look better – and besides, greenery is the colour of the season.

Use flowers as centerpieces

Spring is synonymous with flowers. A flower vase bouquet like this one would serve as an ideal centerpiece for your spring decor.

Throw in vibrant pillows

Throw pillows never fail to inject personality into a space. For a vibrant home, use pillows in striking shades of pink and orange.

Throw down a bright rug

Like green grass and spring flowers outside, the turn in seasons calls for something bright underfoot.

Accent your space with a focal point

Does your living room or bedroom lack focus? Give the eye a place to rest by investing in a piece of furniture that stands out in either colour or shape, like this fashionable pouf.