#NaseeboLal is a legend - period!!!! #PSL6Anthem #PSL2021 I am ready tey I am sure vey!

Sabeeka Imam

My mind is just unable to accept "audio books". If there is audio then I want a visual with it. Then I might as well watch a film.

Shoaib Akhtar

We are so proud of you Zara. This achievement of yours is a sign of bright future of education for Pakistani girls. Keep working hard, there's no other feeling than having a Pakistani on top of the world in anything.


We showed the world a special cricket all wanted to see I have been working to put up something special for all of you...fasten your seat belts.... #PakistanZindabad #Cricket #GwadarCricketStadium

Haroon Rashid

I interviewed Naseebo Lal a couple of years ago. She told me she was shunned by parts of society who saw her only as an entertainer for older men. She looked at other singers and wondered why they would get respect and fame while she wouldn’t. Don’t knock her hustle. #psl6anthem