French Chic

You know what they say; Paris is always a good idea. When it comes to impeccable interiors, the French certainly have it down. We’ve taken a look at some of our favourite chic Parisian home decor ideas to discern exactly what sums up that sophisticated je ne sais quoi. From crystal chandeliers to dramatic art pieces, here’s our roadmap for decorating like Parisian.

A spot of the avant-garde art in your home is a subtle nod to the French, and you’ll find it in many Parisian apartments and houses. 

Glamour is a major pillar of Parisian interiors, and a touch of gold is often the key to achieving it. Golden candlestick holders are a great option.

The French have a certain appreciation for antiques. An antique mirror, speckled with telltale signs of age, can bring a sense of history to a room that no shiny, happy new thing can.

A bouquet of flowers is the perfect finishing touch for a Parisian chic room.

Every Parisian chic interior needs a captivatingly romantic element, and lush silk throw pillows are the perfect candidate.

Like Laguiole steak knives – the ultimate handmade French cutlery – crystal chandeliers are ubiquitous in Parisian homes. 

A modern, edgy coffee table will make a perfect match for those period architectural details we mentioned earlier.