The Red Eye Shadow Trend

This is how you wear this emerging makeup look the right way
  • 06 Mar - 12 Mar, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty

Red eyeshadow might be one of the most underrated eye makeup colours out there. All too often it's thought of as a colour you can only wear on a costume party or on the runway of a fashion show. Sure, a super bright red might look jarring on some skin tones, but when done right, a red shadow can be as subtle or dramatic as you want it to be. You can blend a single eyeshadow into a pink eye look to add a little bit of warmth; you can pair a cranberry shade with bronzer for a glowy, sunkissed look; you can even go full red carpet glam by pairing red eyeshadow with a bold red lip. For many, experimenting with red eyeshadow means venturing into new territory. So, here’s some expert guidance. Read on for tips, ideas, and advice on how to wear red eyeshadow.

Choose a red that complements your skin tone

No matter what colour eyeshadow you're looking to use, it's always a good idea to consider how the shade will pair with your skin tone. A good way to understand how to pick out a colour that complements your complexion is to apply a little bit of colour theory.

For an everyday look, people with fair skin might consider picking a red on the lighter side whereas deeper skin tones will benefit from darker shades of red or burgundy.

You can also experiment by swatching a few reds next to each other on your skin. Look for a colour that appears as a true red when applied to your skin.

Keep the rest of your look neutral

If we were wearing a red eyeshadow, we might use neutral makeup on the rest of our face.

Downplaying the rest of the makeup look will help to bring attention to the red eyeshadow. Try pairing a red eyeshadow look with a clean face of foundation, some highlighter, and a little bit of gloss. That being said, if you're looking for a quick day-to-night transition, an easy way to spruce up a red makeup look is to pair red eyeshadow with a classic red lip. This is more dramatic but is still a well-balanced look.

Don’t forget to use concealer

Red shadow has a tendency to make you look tired. This is because the blue-ish hues in the under eyes can be accentuated by red eye shadow. To combat this effect, first apply a foundation that suits your skin tone and then apply a decent amount of concealer under the eyes. Apply it all the way up to the bottom lash line and into the corners of the eye where the bridge of the nose meets the inner eye.

Try using red eyeshadow as your crease colour

A good beginner-friendly way to use red eye shadow is to lightly sweep the colour on a fluffy shadow brush and apply it to the crease. Try using a shimmery pink or a matte brown as your all-over, base colour and incorporating just a touch of red in the crease. Style the rest of the look however you feel like!

Try warming up your cat-eye

Another easy way to incorporate red shadow into your makeup look is to create a red cat-eye. One way to create this look is to use a red gel liner. Use a thin, angled brush to line the top of the eye, exaggerating the feline flick of the liner. Then use a good amount of mascara on the top and bottom lashes.

Experiment with a red smokey eye

First things first: When creating a red smokey eye, use extra concealer. Next, after mixing red shadow with other smokey colours, use black eyeliner on the lid and inside the lash line. Finish with a heavy coat of mascara. To complete a smoky makeup look, add a highlight colour to the inner corners of the eye and just above the pupil on the lid. To make a red smoky eye look extra rock n' roll, you can also try topping the look with a bit of gloss to add some shine.