Letters To The Editor

“The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself.” – Mark Caine

Changing mindsets for women empowerment

Yet another International Women’s Day passed with resistors of the movement bashing women for demanding equal rights. In my opinion, the fight to change mindsets is as important as the fight to demand equal rights and it must happen every day, and not be a show of tokenism one day in the year. Every day should be a women’s day for putting an end to any sort of discrimination and achieving gender-based equality and women’s emancipation. For this, there is absolute need for change in the mindset of people, particularly men. It is unfortunate that even 73 years after independence, we are still talking in terms of ending gender discrimination. Many ignorant people incorrectly attribute various social evils against women empowerment. In ancient times, women were respected and were treated equally. Even Islam holds women in great regard. Somehow in modern times, the respect and veneration accorded to women in ancient times has gone missing and the disturbing trend of treating women as not equals has begun. Women have proved time and again that they are second to none in various fields. Women have made stellar contributions in several fields including politics, arts, literature, sports and education, among others. Women are now being inducted into the combat stream of the armed forces. Gender equality should be the concern of every citizen and not women alone. It should also be the endeavour of one and all to strive for equal work, equal pay, equal property and equal empowerment for women and eliminate every form of bias against them. Empowering women economically, socially and making them self-reliant and confident should be one of the core agendas of societies as Napolean Bonaparte rightly said "Give me an educated mother, I shall promise you the birth of a civilised, educated nation."

Suhaira Nadeem,

Beware of fraudulent covid-19 vaccines

While nations work together to slow the spread of coronavirus disease, some people might be tempted to buy or use questionable products that claim to help diagnose, treat, cure, and even prevent covid-19. Covid-19 vaccine scams are on the rise. Some people and companies are trying to profit from this pandemic by selling unproven and illegally marketed products that make false claims, such as being effective against the coronavirus. These fraudulent products that claim to cure, treat, or prevent covid-19 haven’t been evaluated by the FDA for safety and effectiveness and might be dangerous to you and your family. It’s likely that the products do not do what they claim, and the ingredients in them could cause adverse effects and could interact with, and potentially interfere with, essential medications. But how can you protect yourself and your family from this vaccine fraud? Try to be cautious of websites and stores selling products that claim to prevent, treat or cure covid-19. Products marketed for veterinary use, or “for research use only,” or otherwise not for human consumption, have not been evaluated for safety and should never be used by humans. Be suspicious of products that claim to treat a wide range of diseases. Few diseases or conditions can be treated quickly, so be suspicious of any therapy claimed as a “quick fix.” If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. “Miracle cures,” which claim scientific breakthroughs or contain secret ingredients, are likely a hoax. The sale of fraudulent covid-19 vaccines are a risk to the public health, so avoid buying products that seem deceptive. Only trust your health care provider for getting vaccinated.

Shanzey Shakil,