Blake Lively – 4 important fashion lessons from our all-time style crush

Let's count the ways we are Team Blake Lively. She's a successful actor, has great taste, is a master chef, is married to the dishy Ryan Reynolds, mother to three adorable daughters, is blessed with that hair and body, and did we mention has impeccable style?

So it's little wonder that we stalked the internet for glimpses of her biggest fashion moments. And boy, did she make our heads spin!

Always a master of mixing high and low, street and sophistication, print and colour – all without the help of a stylist – Lively always manages to deliver. Here are the lessons MAG’s taking into its wardrobe this year, and you should too.

Lesson # 1: When in doubt, colour-block

Think of this as Lively's ode to op-art. A graphic sheath dress and coordinated coat in bold hues is nothing short of traffic-stopping, and great for transitional weather. The look is incredibly modern.

Lesson # 2: Denim always rules

A denim wrap dress, oh-so-chicly worn with an oxblood leather trench, and embroidered over-the-knee boots. We're copying this look head-to-toe stat.

Lesson # 3: Embrace sharp summer dressing

In a fresh floral print, and matching tangerine shoes, Blake teaches us that fashion shouldn’t take a back-seat even when it's searing hot outside.

Lesson # 4: Make menswear your own

Lively does menswear better than most men. She isn’t restricted by any rules and she puts her own spin on the classic menswear game.