Ali Rehman Khan and Madiha Imam starrer ‘Safar Tamam Hua’ is a family drama we all need to tune into

Teaser review

The beauty of Pakistani television is that it has a wealth of genre options at your disposal. If you want to get your action fix on, you are free to do so. If you’re in the mood for a comedy, thriller, or straight-up horror show, it has got those as well. But sometimes it’s hard to beat a genuinely great family drama, and boy does Pakistani TV have a wealth of options in this particular genre. Yet another addition to this highly regarded genre is the upcoming drama Safar Tamam Hua starring Ali Rehman Khan and Madiha Imam in the lead. Recently, the teaser and the OST of the drama was released and it seems like the drama revolves around a family where actors Ali Rehman Khan, Madiha Imam, and Syed Jibran play first cousins. Talking about the drama with a publication, Ali says, “It is a family drama with a bit of suspense about these five characters whose lives are changed forever following one incident.” Apart from Ali Rehman, Madiha Imam, and Syed Jibran, the drama also stars Sonia Nazir, Haris Waheed, Aisha Gul, Maha Hassan, Zoya Nasir, Samina Ahmed, Ainy Zaidi among others.