Upcoming film ‘Beyond The Wetlands’ is based on the story similar to ace mountaineer Ali Sadpara

Coming Soon

Beyond The Wetlands by Arsalan Majid promises to take you on an unforgettable journey to Pakistan's north as part of a search and rescue mission to retrieve a man stuck in the mountains. Believed to be Pakistan's first feature film of its kind, Beyond The Wetlands is an adventure/survival indie film shot in the K2 region. The trailer for the film was recently released. Though the premise of the film bears an eerily striking resemblance to legendary mountaineer Ali Sadpara's case, it bears no connection to him. In fact, the movie has been in development since August 2020 and was filmed over the course of 16 days, from December 2020 to January 2021. "We were actually quite stunned when Ali Sadpara's unfortunate incident happened as during the shoot we would hear stories about him from the locals. The mountaineering fraternity is quite limited in Pakistan, and so everyone we met during production was either related to him or had trekked alongside him at some point," told Majid to a publication. The movie stars Jahangir Abdullah, Ishaq Hushevi and Ibrahim Michael. It also features another local hero, mountaineer Muhammad Karim. The film is in the post-production and they hope to release it sometime this year.