Javeria Saud and Alyy Khan’s ‘Aurat Gardi’ is a web-series based on Aurat March

This one’s for the ladies!

In the current era of television we are lucky enough to be living in right now, more and more shows are coming out that showcase a great female lead. There are certainly still strides to be made for female empowerment on television, but we are finally seeing progress after all this time. Pakistani drama industry is a great pioneer for having original programming that features a strong heroine as the lead of their shows. They are shown as realistic, flawed, vulnerable women who have their own unique personalities rather than just being there as a pretty face. And with the growing trend of women empowerment and equality and the celebration of Women’s Day every year, dramas like these leave a powerful impact. One such web-series is the upcoming Alyy Khan and Javeria Saud starrer Aurat Gardi. The series reportedly surround Aurat March. The trailer of the drama shows the two leads engaging in an argument over the slogans and placards that went viral during last year’s Aurat March. As per details, the series will premiere on UrduFlix on April 2, 2021.