13 March, 1781 – Uranus is discovered

German-born British astronomer William Herschel is credited with the planet's discovery. It is the third largest planet by radius in the solar system.

14 March, 1910 – The Lakeview Gusher causes the largest accidental oil spill in history

The spill lasted 18 months and 9 million barrels of crude oil were released.

15 March, 1972 – Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather is premiered

The gangster movie based on Mario Puzo's novel is one of the most popular films of all time.

16 March 16, 1960 – Alfred Hitchcock's movie Psycho is premiered

The film starring Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh is an all-time classic of the suspense movie genre.

17 March 17, 1973 – The photograph known as ‘Burst of joy’ is taken

Photographer Slava Veder was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for the image depicting a former U.S. prisoner of war being reunited with his family.

18 March 18, 1965 – Russian cosmonaut Aleksei Leonov becomes the first person to walk in space

During the tethered spacewalk, which lasted 12 minutes, Leonov ventured up to 10 meters from his spacecraft, Voskhod 2.

19 March 19, 1911 – The first International Women's Day is observed by over 1 million people in several European countries

German socialists Clara Zetkin and Luise Zietz initiated the observance, which has become an annual global event.