The Love Proof

Fans of The Time Traveler's Wife will be blown away by Madeleine Henry's The Love Proof. Told across decades, the book tells the story of physicist Sophie Jones's quest to prove true love not only exists, but that soul mates will find each other in every iteration of reality.

The Witch's Heart

Norse mythology gets a progressive update in Genevieve Gornichec's debut The Witch's Heart. This grand tale focuses on a witch who angers the gods when she falls in love with Loki, only to discover that the fates of her three children are entangled with the future of the world itself.

First Comes Like

If you read just one rom-com this month, make sure it's Alisha Rai's hilarious and warmhearted First Comes Like. Influencer Jia Ahmed wants nothing more than to carve out a career in the beauty sphere, but when an actual superstar slides into her DMs, she can't help but be tempted. Unfortunately for Jia, Bollywood star Dev Dixit never sent her any messages, leading both of them becoming embroiled in a tabloid drama that could lead to something real.