Billie Eilish seeks a restraining order against the man accused of harassment

Billie Eilish is seeking a restraining order against a man who has allegedly harassed her since last August. In court documents filed and obtained, the singer requested the court grant her a civil harassment restraining order against John Matthews Hearle, a 23-year-old man who also goes by Adam Lucifer. She also requested additional protective orders for her parents, per the documents. According to her, Hearle has harassed and threatened her. She alleges he began leaving "extremely disturbing and threatening" letters on her family's property. In the months following, she claims he slept on the school's property "most nights" and would "stare at me while I enter and exit our family's home." The singer writes that Hearle's "constant presence and harassment causes me substantial anxiety, fear and emotional stress," even when her security team is present. Her father's declaration also describes the fear the family experiences, "My family and I feel vulnerable and unsafe because we honestly have no idea of what Hearle is capable of, or what his intentions are towards my daughter."