City Of Ghosts

  • 13 Mar - 19 Mar, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

City Of Ghosts is one such show that combines documentary-style interviews with scripted situations to give a view of the history of Los Angeles. Zelda is part of a “Ghost Club” with her friends Eva (Kirikou Shai Muldrow), Thomas (Blue Chapman) and Peter (Michael Ren). They get messages from people around Los Angeles that think they’ve seen ghosts, or at least evidence that a ghost is around. They not only go to investigate, they also record a talk to the ghosts after they find them. In the first episode, Chef Jo (Isa Fabro) has been seeing evidence that her new restaurant in Boyle Park is haunted. Her friend Mariko (Kuniko Yagi) labelled as a “ghost believer” is pretty sure the place is haunted, and she gets in touch with Zelda. As Zelda investigates, she finds out that there used to be a lot of Japanese-Americans in Boyle Park, and Chef Jo’s restaurant is a Japanese sort of restaurant. The ghost has been leaving one behind in different spots. So Zelda uses one to lure the ghost out. A shy ghost named Janet (Judy Hayashi) comes out. Zelda talks to Janet for the group’s Ectopedia. While watching City Of Ghosts, we were trying to figure out where the scripted portion of the show ended and the documentary aspect of it began. It does a pretty good job of making it seem seamless.