Murder Among The Mormons

  • 13 Mar - 19 Mar, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

Murder Among The Mormons details three bombings that happened in and around Salt Lake City in 1985, killing two and injuring one person. The bombings revolved around the buying and selling of historic documents that challenged the stated origins of a church. The first episode goes into the origins of the Mormon Church, where in 1823 Joseph Smith received golden plates from an angel named Moroni and translated them into English. By 1980, the trading of historical Mormon documents was big business, as church officials were always interested in filling in their history. Through interviews with document experts, church historians and journalists, we find out about a document trader named Mark Hoffmann. By 1984, Hoffmann had made a lot of money buying and selling historic church documents, as well as other non-church historical documents. Church officials were eager to get the letter, and they brokered a deal through a businessman and document trader named Steven Christensen. One of the things we appreciate about Murder Among The Mormons is its brevity. It’s only three 45-minute episodes, so it gets to the story quickly, and it’ll go through the complicated Hoffmann case without diverting itself into other topics too much.

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