Watching PSL unfold from afar it was inevitable that COVID was going to find its way in. We are battling against an invisible monster. It’s not time to play the blame game, let’s focus on the future, defeating this virus together and then, THEN we will play cricket like never before!

As the sixth edition of the Pakistan Super League gets postponed, humanitarian and social worker Shaniera Akram schools the people to not indulge into blame games and focus on defeating the deadly virus together.

There are countless innocent and poor women in jail for years due to the lack of legal representation. On this #WomensDay I vouch to do my best, in my humble capacity, to get them the aid needed to fight for their freedom and justice but together we can do more. Join us @AliZFoundation

The nation’s rockstar Ali Zafar announced to be of full support for the jailed innocent women who cannot find justice because of not having legal representation. He, in his capacity vouched to get them the aid they need to get justice.

“Here’s to all the strong women out there. May we know them, may we be them, and may we raise them.” Happy women’s day to all the beautiful souls out there. Love, Saba #InternationalWomensDay

On the account of International Women’s Day, the Cheekh actress took to Twitter and wished all the empowered women a happy women’s day, who with their courage and resilience are paving their way up in every walk of life.

Meet Eeman Faheem, senior aircraft maintenance technician for Pakistan International Airlines. Way to go girl.

Actress Mariyam Nafees is all praises for Eeman Faheem, who in this male dominant field, is the senior aircraft maintenance technician for Pakistan International Airlines. More power to her.