The guide to summer style and trends

Everything you need to know and shop this summer, from current trends, styling tips, fabrics, and more
  • 20 Mar - 26 Mar, 2021
  • Alina Qamar
  • Fashion

When it comes to summer fashion, we've got a mantra: "Go big, or go home!" Breathable fabrics, florals and bright colours are synonymous with warm-weather dressing. A summer wardrobe must include trendy and versatile pieces, allowing you to look and feel good wherever you go. So, if your summer wardrobe feels a little unprepared, fear not, because the fashion set has been prepared for this season. Here’s our guide to the summer trends that will reign supreme this season. Read on:

Classic chikankari

Delicate, meticulous and dreamy, classic chikankari outfits are a huge rage this season and can be worn for any occasion. From casual day wear to heavy wedding outfits, this limitless trend can be flaunted by anyone.

Jacquard apparels

One of the more festive summer fashion trends we love is the reemergence of jacquard fabrics. The texture, shine, and colours scream holiday cheer, and when you get it right, it’s absolutely stunning! However, since we don’t see this embroidered material year round, make the most of it into your existing wardrobes.

Floral prints

Now let’s talk about florals. How cute are they? The floral trend still continues from previous years with printed pants, kurtis and dupattas and everything else retailers can put a flower on. Floral prints offer a touch of femininity to warm weather style so you can bring out your girlish charm with every you wear.


The number of times you’ve seen bloggers wear denim on denim probably has you saturated by now. While the idea of matching your tops to your bottoms may come off as boring, this summer, designers are giving you all the reasons to embrace the trend for the season!

The chunri lawn

A chunri dupatta is a wardrobe stable for every desi woman. It is that one traditional garment that will never go out of style. But this summer, we have seen a certain surge of chunri suits and we are so here for it.

Digital prints

Digitally printed ensembles have been ruling over the lawn scene since quite a few years now. They have become a must-have summer print and it’s not going to be any different this year. So, get on this trend bandwagon and embrace this style with elegance and grace.

The coloured dupatta

There are some trends that come in each season, yet there are some looks that are just classic. The coloured dupatta paired with a plain white suit is a trend that was extremely popular back in the day and is continuing to take over the fashion scene this summer as well.