Love Alarm: Season 2

  • 20 Mar - 26 Mar, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

Back in 2019, Love Alarm showed up on Netflix and immediately took the K-drama world by storm. Taking the compelling elements of sci-fi-esque dating apps and high school romance, Love Alarm cut a unique slice of the streaming pie for itself. The first season then effectively built up a love triangle around this premise, with Kim Jojo left at the end with her two prospect love interests, Sun-O and his best friend Hye-Yeong. Armed with an agonising cliffhanger ending and lots of unanswered questions, fans scrambled for news of a second season. Love Alarm is finally here and more importantly, the answer to who Jojo will choose. This time around though, it recklessly jumps forward in time, writing off that cliffhanger to see our characters out of high school and on to the great beyond. Jojo is still studying; Sun-O is off modelling while Hye-Yeong now has an office job. Spicing things up however is the public announcement of Love Alarm Version 2.0. This enhancement on the popular app now boasts the ability to track who will fall in love with you in the near future. One of those names happens to be Jojo, who inexplicably pops up on Hye-Yeong’s app very early on. Alongside that is a murder mystery of sorts, carried over from the first season and revolving around the Love Alarm killer.

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