Shehzad Roy

Education is a basic human right and strengthening our daughters through it can only make for a better future for Pakistan. I am glad that the brand is highlighting this important issue with its latest communication. #TumMazbootHo


In a broken world that we live in today, expressing a little Love is just one step towards healing. I commend the students of Lahore University for the courage. May we all Love Louder! p.s. I wish and hope to see such extreme and quick actions to fix the real social issues around us!

Nadia Jamil

We cannot teach our youth, respect, if we don’t respect their voices. Young people should be heard. This issue they have raised is very important. Their mental health, confidence and success depend on it! Support #CancelCAIES2021 #cancelcieexams2021

Haroon Rashid

Catching up with Khuda Aur Mohabbat. It should be called the Never Ending Wedding! Enjoying the drama so far. It would have been nice for the makers to produce some original songs apart from the OST considering how many mehndi dance montage sequences there are!