There is far too much animal cruelty in the world. Among all of the places I have visited, I find it the most prevalent in Pakistan. It is especially frustrating how there are little to no laws preventing it, how the majority of citizens do not see it as a problem. How it is a norm.

Ushna Shah finds it frustrating how the people here in Pakistan don’t consider animal cruelty as a heinous crime that is prevailing in our society currently. Strict laws should be made to prevent this inhumane act.

Humbled and honoured to share that the historic KRL Stadium in Rawalpindi has been renamed as Shoaib Akhtar Stadium. I am rarely ever lost for words but today I am! I truly have no words to thank everyone for the love and respect I have received over the years.

Shoaib Akhtar is at a loss of words as the KRL stadium in Rawalpindi is now named after him keeping in mind his great contributions to the game of cricket.

This is very disappointing to be having live concerts with so many people while we are still not free of COVID. Cases are on the rise again and we are experiencing a deadly third wave. Let's please act responsibly. Remember… Jaan hai to jahaan hai!

Mehwish Hayat is utterly disappointed to see concerts being held at such large scales despite of the ongoing third wave of COVID which is affecting people badly. It is about time that we should start acting responsibly.

The Government has started vaccinations in #Pakistan for over 60’s also. Several, older members of my family (over 60) have been vaccinated with “Sinopharm” and it’s all free (rich or poor). #Covid_19 #COVIDVaccination

Armeena Khan stated that many of her elder family members have been vaccinated as the government has now started a nationwide vaccination drive against the coronavirus which is free of cost for everyone.