The Lost Pirate Kingdom

  • 27 Mar - 02 Apr, 2021
  • Mag The Weekly

The hybrid series The Lost Pirate Kingdom combines scripted scenes and expert interviews to paint a picture of the major players who plundered ships throughout the Caribbean in the 18th century. We start in 1715, right after the War of Spanish Succession, a naval war went on for the following 12 years, where the British navy conscripted “profiteers” to plunder Spanish ships that it encountered. Among the men who led these private ships is the rough-and-tumble Benjamin Hornigold (Sam Callis), who has a rivalry with the more aristocratic Henry Jennings (Mark Gillis). When the war ended, Jennings still was able to get away with his plunder while Hornigold and his men were left to starve. They moved from Jamaica to the village of Nassau in the Bahamas, to invade and rob Spanish trade ships, then hide. When a Spanish fleet carrying millions of pesos of gold and silver gets transported through the region, both Hornigold and Jennings vie for the treasure. Jennings gets permission from the governor of Jamaica to plunder the pirates that plunder the Spanish ships. But when the armada gets destroyed by a storm, Jennings hears about where the treasure is being held, he decides to invade that camp directly, with the help of a new henchman, the near-insane Charles Vane (Tom Padley). Most of the acting during the reenactments is as subtle as you can get when you have people playing pirates.