‘Daughter By Law’ breaks all misconceptions about in-laws

Short of the week

The relationship between a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law is one that has always been shrouded in stereotypical misconceptions. People assume that the wife and the mother of the man can never see eye to eye. But Digestive Showtime’s latest short film Daughter By Law redefines the conventional relationship and breaks all misconceptions about it. The film stars Marina Khan, Aehsun Talish and Najaf Bilgrami, along with Sohai Ali Abro and Haris Waheed. Sarah (Sohai) is a foreign national bahu of Farah (Marina Khan) who is a very strict old-school single parent who expects everyone to follow her rules. The movie revolves around these two women belonging to different mindsets getting along with each other and helping one another.