Sommer Ray accuses Machine Gun Kelly of cheating on her with Megan Fox

During an appearance on Logan Paul's Impaulsive podcast, the model claimed that he kind of cheated on her with his co-star Megan Fox. "If you look at the timeline of us dating, we were together in Puerto Rico," she said, adding that he was filming the movie Switchblade Grass at that time. "I waited in the hotel the whole time when he's filming with her and I'm not really thinking anything of it." Last May, a source told, "Megan has been working on a movie with Machine Gun Kelly and gotten close to him." When they returned home, Sommer says she became convinced they were having an affair after he didn't let her visit the set of his Bloody Valentine music video. She recalled, "I asked him why he didn't invite me to the music video and he said COVID restrictions. And then that music video came out and I was like, Oh." She explained, "It was not fair that he went to Twitter and made it seem like I was the devil and I broke up with him."